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The urban streets of our cities, pulse the energy of the people that walk on them. The shoes they wear dazzle on this energy. But sometimes it’s not the people who wear them, but the shoes themselves that highlight the personality of its carriers.

That’s what we had in mind when we designed Bend-it. We imagined shoes that radiate the people who wear them. Urban people who enjoy life in the cities, the crowded streets and constant sounds that seem to come from everywhere. Who choose to wear Bend-it, is because they add to this feeling of happiness.

We want Bend-it to be more than a shoe to its owners. Bend-it must be an exceptional added value to their appearance, while wearing them is a joy to the eye and the feet. An overall package of comfort, practicality, beauty and funky looks.


Why we want to introduce Bend-it:

‘We are driven by the way we look at the world. Constantly we question existing systems, objects, items and issues about their ‘raison d’être’. When we believe we can improve that, we recreate and redesign them. So it happened with shoes.

We saw the possibilities for a better shoe and designed Bend-it. Now it’s up to the urban crowd to discover the added values of Bend-it. Once you have felt the exceptional comfort, looked at the funky design, experienced the adventurous way of wearing and noticed the admiring looks you get while wearing Bend-it, we have no doubt you will enjoy wearing our shoes.

Inwardly we believe Bend-it is an outstanding product, exceptional in its kind and put in the market by our team which combines the right skills, strong decisiveness, persevering willpower and creative entrepreneurship. Thus guaranteeing the success we want to achieve.”


Meet the founders

Bend-it founders Anke en Inge Kuipers

Anke & Inge Kuipers


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